Dating Your Best Good Friend’s Brother: Is That Acceptable Or Too Shut For Comfort?

There is also a knife covered in packing tape, and glow at midnight packing tape itself caught under the desk. Everyone excluding Fuyuhiko (who refused to come) and Teruteru (in the kitchen, serving the get together food) was already in the primary hall. The Ultimate Imposter believed that Teruteru still had some dangerous weapons, and so they needed Hajime to accompany him to the kitchen.

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He later warms up to Hiyoko and forms a sibling-like bond with her almost like the one she has with Mahiru. When Hiyoko tells him that most individuals go to sleep while watching her reveals, Hajime told her he would stay awake for her through the show. Ultimate Imposter by no means held any shut relationships with anybody on the Island in their brief time there. However, upon getting their Free-Time Events, they become rather near Hajime. Hajime and Akane don’t work together a lot in the main story, though they’ve a reasonably decent relationship and he does fear about her when she is stricken with the Despair Disease. They finally turn into close throughout her Free Time Events; Hajime is somewhat horrified to pay attention to of the poverty and implied sexual abuse Akane went via growing up, especially her nonchalance in direction of it.

Since then, the two continued to fulfill with one another and play games after college at the same place. It is implied that the 2 of them had romantic emotions for each other, as they often blush when coming in touch with one another. Then seems to Hajime as a stay depiction of his reminiscence upon the boat leaving for Jabberwock island. Clutching Usami in her arms, she recalled the time Hajime first entered the Neo World Program, when an A.I.

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I know it’s not fun to consider the end of the relationship earlier than it actually begins, but that is one thing to hold in mind. In his fifth Free Time Event, Nagito reveals plenty of personal things to Hajime, telling him about his terminal ailments and his biggest wish being to be beloved for as soon as earlier than he dies. He falsely dismisses what he just said as lies, most likely for the sake of Hajime’s security, since Hajime was about to forgive Nagito and he would’ve been at risk in the event that they received too close as a end result of results of Nagito’s unhealthy luck. The way that Japanese sentence construction works, of Nagito’s final line particularly – begins off as the beginning of a confession, that he decides to rephrase at the final second into him being in love with Hajime’s hope as a substitute.

In the ending, Nagito hesitantly asks for Hajime’s friendship and Hajime accepts it with out much consideration, though he observed that the wording appeared to begin as a love confession and expected extra. In Island Mode, Hajime spends time with Nagito, who’s now far more innocent. However, Nagito’s unusual mind-set still confuses and creeps Hajime out at the instances. Nagito reveals that his mind-set has modified for the better after his time with Hajime. Thanks to that, Hajime feels that they’ll eventually attain an understanding. In Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Chiaki has an identical relationship with Hajime like she did in Danganronpa 3, along with her enjoying totally different video games with him and even giving him the identical recommendation about expertise not being the aim.

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Hajime then results in a pod, and the scientists assured him that he will not really feel a factor, although he may be confused when he first awoke. Hajime considered how he’ll become somebody that he could be happy with around Chiaki. Chiaki, disagreeing with Hajime, said that whether one is talented or talentless doesn’t make a difference. She goes on to say that having no expertise permits him larger freedom than these with unbelievable expertise.